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Do you think Karuna music concert, controversy is a Scam?
Cant Say
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A controversy has broken out over Karuna, a grand music festival organised by the Kochi Music Foundation (KMF) in Ernakulam on November 1 last year. The event, which included over 50 musicians from different parts of the country. The organisers had said that the proceeds of the first show, held in the aftermath of the 2019 floods in Kerala, would go to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF). The Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, where the event was hosted, was let to the organisers free of cost, since the proceeds were promised to the CMDRF.

However, a new papers report points out a letter received for a Right To Information query, that says that so far no money from the show has been contributed to the CMDRF. Following this, Aashiq posted a photo of the cheque worth Rs 6,22,000 donated to the CMDRF by the KMF, days after the controversy erupted.

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